Happy Risk-taking: Xtra Holla Pain Yo!

My new favorite JuiceLand juice is Xtra Holla Pain Yo!

I’ll admit, I didn’t catch on to the jalapeño reference given that as a proud Laredoan with Mexican blood coursing through my veins I’d never pronounce it that way. Holla pain yo. Nope. At the very least, it should be written as Holla Pen Yo, but that’s not as clever. I digress.

Once I caught the onda (wave), I quickly wrote the juice off as too spicy for me. I mean, just because I’m part Mexican and can speak Spanish doesn’t mean I eat jalapeños!

Still, I decided to take a risk on this juice train trip so I ordered Xtra Holla Pain Yo! as one of my juices and I love it! It has unknown quantities of jalapeño, garlic, carrot, orange, cilantro, lime and salt. At first you taste the sweet carrot and orange, then just a hint of cilantro and lime, followed by the jalapeño’s kick. A small kick.  Just enough to let you know it’s there. No hollering involved.

The Xtra Holla Pain Yo! tastes like a sweet version of a Vampiro. All of you readers who’ve been to El Tropi in Nuevo Laredo know what I’m talking about! Trust me, it’s delicious.

Next time you’re in Austin, make sure to pick up a pint of Xtra Holla Pain Yo! at JuiceLand. You’ll be glad you did, yo!

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